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4th. of April 2013

For Immediate Release Launch of Bayshore Runner Beta 1.0: Leading New Quick & Secure Free Web Browser

Bayshore launched its much anticipated rival to other popular browsers today, the nifty new web browser is known as Bayshore Runner. Set to exceed performance of other well known browsers – this new application loads websites at lightning speed due to its minimalist interface. How would you like to be among the first to test the fastest web browser in the world? A limited number of downloads are now being permitted for the exclusive beta release prior to our grand unveiling and official launch. Take advantage of your free, ideal opportunity at surfing the web in simple speed as you save valuable time…

Try Bayshore Runner today, know the web at your speed of thought!


Press Release

18th. of February 2013

Bayshore Unveils Free Trust Certificate Project to Improve Internet Safety

Monday, February 2013 – (Phuket, Thailand) The internet is increasingly safe due to a new initiative by Bayshore; a private security, technology and real estate development conglomerate with offices around the world. Recently, the group revealed an innovative solution for online security whereby personal or business webmasters can freely secure their website by Bay Shore’s generously supplied bandwidth and platform. The Trust certificate enables a secure, proprietary verification which informs web surfers about the veracity of a website’s authenticity. This security system is similar to SSL and combats a recent explosion of fake websites which are being used to steal information from the unsuspecting public.

Bayshore’s innovative solution arose out of growing exploitation of internet security whereby anyone can publish a website including scammers with malicious intent. The fraudsters operate to deceive and steal financial or personal information, thereby harming the entire infrastructure of E-commerce itself. In fact, every day hundreds of “phishing” sites such as a fake Facebook pages or counterfeit websites of banks are posted online.

Often, links to these fake websites appear in your email inbox and may seem legitimate. Until the advent of Bayshore’s Trust Certificate, it has been very difficult to verify the authenticity of websites. Therefore, phishing sites have acted as bait for unsuspecting online shoppers. Sophisticated cyber-criminal networks can now be stopped however, with Bayshore’s Trust Certificate initiative that verifies the safety of service providers and general websites.

While Bayshore works to secure the private sector, the Pentagon is working closely with U.S. Cyber Command and the other major military commands to develop "the optimum force structure for successfully operating in cyberspace.” The Washington Post, quoting senior defense officials, reported late Sunday that the Pentagon had decided to expand Cyber Command's current staffing level of 900 to 4,900 in coming years (January, 2013).

Efforts at the Pentagon and by Bayshore reflect timely needs for cyber security as the internet remains an uncharted territory.

“Every day, innocent people are clicking on what appears to be a trusted website” warned Bayshore’s Chief Technology Officer, Fillip C. N. Moller. “Regular people then unknowingly give away their passwords to criminal’s networks that have access to your funds and personal identity. That is very dangerous, therefore Bayshore is offering its free platform to ensure community safety while combatting cyber criminals.”

The government has been working to prevent this type of abuse for years, however those efforts were mainly aimed at securing their own network. Bayshore now has a comprehensive system working to secure the safety of private individuals equally. CEO Michael Petersen remarked, “With my success in the field of security and development; I realized an opportunity to provide the global community safety by securing the medium through which everyone conducts business. A Trust Certificate is the win-win solution because our internet’s safety and thereby the economy in general will strengthen. Improved security and transparency are essential for both end users and corporate service providers.”

The generosity of Bayshore in this philanthropic effort allows everyone to take advantage of the free Trust Certificate service, especially webmasters. Now, any website owner can simply place the verification system on their website in order to drive more visitors, authenticity and safety for the site. The seal shows that a domain can be trusted with information and purchases, or the public should avoid that website as it has not yet been secured.

Bayshore is a security, law and development group working to achieve a safer and more open internet. Their achievements in sustainable development have focused on emerging markets as they sponsor competitions for developing free, open platforms for the highest quality services by which e-commerce solutions are made available to the masses.

Visit Bayshore Trust Certificate website
Se our video introduction.



Press Release

1st. of February2013

Bayshore Projects Co., Ltd. Offers The Chance to Win a “Trip of Your Lifetime” to Phuket Island, Thailand

Wish to win a holiday in the Sea, Sand, and tropical Sun paradise of Phuket Island, Thailand?

Its simple as sipping a Mai Tai on the beach! This February, Bayshore Projects is offering the chance for one lucky winner to visit South East Asia from anywhere in the world including round trip airfare and ten days free accommodation (double room) at the Bayshore Resort & Spa in Phuket Island, Thailand.

Second and third place prizes will also be chosen to win:

  • Second place: USD $500
  • Third place: USD $100
  • “Tell me exactly how to enter!!!!”

  • Simply log in to Facebook
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  • LIKE. SHARE. WIN. Winners will be announced on February 28th 2013 at the Bayshore Projects Facebook Page!

    Now, your friends and family! Tell your co-workers! Tell one and all!

    Stellar Prizes by Bayshore Projects and Bayshore Resort and Spa.

    Bayshore Projects Co., Ltd. is a full service project developer completing its signature 247 key flagship Bayshore Ocean View Condominium fronting Patong Beach on tropical Phuket Island, Thailand.

    Bayshore Resort and Spa is a 24 key triple star resort ideally located meters from the famous sparkling golden sands of Patong Beach in Phuket Island, Thailand.

    Should you require further information, please contact Bay Shore Projects at:
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    Press Release

    14th. of October 2012

    Bayshore Announces New Trust Certificate to Keep Internet Users Safe

    A new era is on the rise with Bayshore as front runner to higher the internet experience with high quality programs free for end users. Bayshore calls for other companies to follow their steps and fight the numerous phishing sites on the web.

    There are currently hundreds of millions of websites on the internet, with the number growing each and every single day. Last year alone, 300 million websites were added and this year there looks to be just as many new sites soon to pop up on our screens.

    The web in numbers
    Internet users on June 2012 = 2.405,510,175
    Registered Domain names on 22nd Oct 2012 = 132,374,824
    Confirmed active sites on October 2012 = 620.480,777

    It’s a big, dangerous jungle out there with new users repeatedly being mislead and buying services from unreliable websites with no real name or company behind them.

    At the end of August 2012 over 5.2 million unique phishing sites were detected and blocked by Netcraft's community to date, yet that is just a fraction on what is really out there.

    There are thousands of unscrupulous web user’s working day and night to plant bugs all over the web for their own gain. The net provides seemingly endless ways to abuse and mislead users and the only one with something to lose is you.


    Enough is enough.

    Bayshore has therefore started a new campaign to make the internet is visible and recognizable for web users. With Bayshore’s new Trust certificate, users can now be sure that the person or company behind the website is a real person or company validated with his/her own ID card, passport, phone number and address.

    This means that there’s no more hiding for those who wish to abuse and mislead users. But that’s not all, to encourage everybody to join; Bayshore has decided to offer the service for free.

    Fillip Moller, manager of Bayshore IT department said, “The only way we can make this happen and make a difference is by offering the Trust Certificate service for free. Despite it being at a cost for us, Bayshore is ready to take the responsibility.

    “The credit that we will get for doing this is more than enough and will put Bayshore Projects co ltd on the map. We just hope that this will be the start of a new era and that other well-known companies will follow up offering high quality web services for free as well.”


    Over the next couple of years Bayshore will launch a series of popular services built around the same concept: Free, high quality services for all.

    The idea of offering free services is not a new idea, but the current range of free services available is currently insufficient to cover what users actually need.

    In order to eliminate the phishing sites and the low quality ‘pay for’ sites, there needs to be more free services that everybody can sign up to, join and use. To accomplice this goal therefore Bayshore has started an open source programmer competition where programmers can enter and get rewarded for the quality of their work.
    This will ultimately improve the quality of services people are able to use – for free – and they will therefore be more willing to join up.

    Bayshore’s vision is to achieve a ‘clean internet’ within 3-5 years that is sponsored by well-established, solid companies that will be able to offer all of the free high quality services that people need and therefore remove the need for people to test non-transparent and untrustworthy websites.


    Bayshore Projects Co., Ltd.





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