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How Webtrack Works



Bayshore web track creates a user profile from the moment that anyone visits your website and from then on you can monitor their actions in a live view, or a summary page, every time that they visit the site. This enables you to see what your site visitors are doing as they do it, whilst still being able to switch between views over a longer time period (daily / weekly / monthly) for more in-depth metrics.



The analytical software breaks down all the site data in real time. You can see:

  • What customers are looking at on your website.
  • Which country they are visiting from.
  • What operating system they are using. For example: Windows, OSX, iOS, Android
  • What browser they are using to visit your site. For example: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Runner
  • Where their visit is sourced from- For example:Facebook, Google, Links
  • How active they are on your site.
  • How long they remain on your site and on what pages.
  • The top pages on your website with regard to traffic numbers.
  • The top website sources for your website traffic.



The data can be accumulated into reports for you to analyse the different values to your website and trends in your customer base. These specific reports can be downloaded with one click from the dashboard.



You can add as many websites as you wish to monitor to your Webtrack profile.

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